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"Assumptions are made, and most assumptions are wrong" - Einstein

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Software for teams who have made innovation a strategic priority and competitive advantage.

Unlike other software solutions, Pondr will capture ideas, then guide the innovation journey so teams develop the habit of ideating, validating, testing, learning and measuring the return on their innovation investments.
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According to McKinsey & Company, only 6% of executives are satisfied with their innovation performance.

For innovation to be a strategic advantage, you must consistently apply the most modern practices while measuring the performance at every step of the journey.

The problem is that these modern practices are hard to find, and most companies measure ROI (innovation performance) purely on growth and revenues - which together makes it nearly impossible to create and measure the effectiveness of an innovative idea, formal program, or broader teams you have invested in.

We believe that it’s time to gather and democratize access to the innovation practices of the most creative companies around the world. And more than just sharing best practices, Pondr, through our intuitive UX (wizards, guides and innovation accounting), will enable your teams to leverage these innovation best practices simply by using our app. 

How it works

Guiding your innovation journey.

At every stage of the innovation journey, Pondr activates "wizards" that will ask you the important questions you should be answering before advancing to the next stage. If you wish to learn more about the wizard questions or the particular innovation stage you are in, simply pause and access our library of best practices shared by the leading innovators from around the world. And with Pondr, you’ll always know what innovation initiatives are in progress throughout your team and/or broader organization.

Be clear about the problem you are trying to solve, and gain endorsement where required.


Seamlessly capture ideas from diverse people and teams anywhere in the world.


Create and then validate your assumptions before investing in the possible solution.


Test your idea by experimenting with an "MVP" with measurable success criteria. Fail fast, learn faster.


Once you've proven value from your solution, it's time to scale it's impact.

Innovation accounting

Measuring ROI is baked into our DNA.

At the end of each stage, Pondr will highlight your innovation performance through quantifiable insights based on your Innovation Challenge history (problems to solve, and ideas you've explored) and also ask your team what they’ve learned so they can apply those learning to future Innovation Challenges.

And, with our Premium service, you can benchmark and anonymously compare your innovation performance with other companies and teams using our software!
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  • Learn numerous ways to measure ROI beyond growth and revenues.
  • Gain insights into teams and individuals who excel at the different stages of an innovation journey.
  • Generate reports with quantifiable innovation performance metrics for your Executive Leadership or Board of Directors.

Who is this for

Plans for any team.

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For Mature SMBs

The world is moving fast. Startups may be trying to disrupt you, your customer and employee experiences are evolving, and it’s generally accepted that if you don’t innovate, you will fall behind your competition. What got you from A to B is not what will get you from B to C.

  • Pondr will not only teach your team the modern practices in innovation, but will guide their journey from determining a problem to solve to validating and testing an idea.
  • Pondr will measure your innovation performance, giving you, your board, and executive teams confidence that your investments are paying off - not just in revenues and growth, but in the development of your innovation muscles.

For Startups and Scale-Ups

You exist because you've challenged the status quo, so innovation has been in your DNA since the day the company was founded. However, this advantage is at risk if you do not invest in the formalizing and entrenching your innovation best practices.

  • For startups: Pondr will focus you as you chase shiny objects and constantly find new assumptions to prove. It will also ensure you never lose the innovative culture as you scale.
  • For scale-ups: Pondr will help you rekindle the innovative practices that got you to where you are, but have been suppressed as you scaled and necessarily became more structured and process focused.

Learn from innovation experts

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Visit our Resources page for more details about Pondr use cases, some of our innovation best practices, and registration to upcoming webinars.

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Companies around the world use Pondr to fundamentally improve their innovation programs.
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Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a tool that enables a broader set of individuals within the team to contribute their perspective and expertise into the product roadmap.
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Pondr is orders of magnitude more cost-effective than the other tools we evaluated.  They made sure to provide a pricing model that worked for our use case.
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Pondr helps teams brainstorm and share ideas that address important problems, allowing everyone to share, discuss, and contribute, which benefits the team and product as a whole.

Guide and measure all stages of your innovation journey.