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Stop struggling to collect and organize all of your company's ideas. Pondr helps you manage your innovation by showing you the ideas that will have the most impact. With Pondr, you will turn ideas into innovation and know exactly what to work on next.
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Manage all your innovation in one place.

With Pondr your whole team can suggest, collect and collaborate on ideas asynchronously. Put an end to the random conversations, phone calls, emails or sticky notes that lead to chaos and missed ideas.

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Know exactly what to work on next.

With Pondr, determining what to work on next just go easier. Deploy your resources in the most effective way by using team voting or leverage our Pondr Rank algorithm and make your decisions based on merit.

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Use features you need and none that you don't.

Whether you're looking to establish a meritocracy, rapidly innovate or simply wanting to engage your employees, Pondr has the features you need to do so.

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Integrate with your favourite work management apps.

We believe in letting people work the way they want. That’s why we’re working hard to create meaningful integrations with your favorite apps.

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Excellent  4.7 out of 5

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Solve the important problems.

Pondr helps teams brainstorm and share ideas that address important problems, allowing everyone to share, discuss, and contribute, which benefits the team and product as a whole.

Product Designer, Intel Corporation

Inclusive pricing for teams.

Pondr is orders of magnitude more cost-effective than the other tools we evaluated.  They made sure to provide a pricing model that worked for our use case.

Head of Process Optimization,
Broadband TV

Helps prioritize features in our product roadmap.

Pondr has been a great tool to ideate and prioritize features or solutions within our product roadmap. It is pretty simple to use, other team members have already picked it up and are using it as part of their day to day workflow. Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a tool that enables a broader set of individuals within the team to contribute their perspective and expertise into the product roadmap.

Senior Product Manager, Electronic Arts

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