We don’t have the luxury of guessing.

See how Pondr helps you uncover the best ideas so you're not wasting precious time and resources on the wrong ones.

Submit ideas anonymously to discourage bias.

Many great ideas are being missed when your team doesn't feel their ideas matter and carry equal weight. This leads to most ideas coming from a single source, stifling innovation. When a proposed idea is anonymous, people will evaluate it more thoughtfully and you will discover more innovative thinkers.

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Collect feedback from customers.

Why guess when you could know? Pondr helps you create a private community to collect feedback from your most valuable customers. Get rid of long email threads and phone calls by collecting customer feedback in one place.

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Volunteer to help with the ideas that matter to you.

Often the person who comes up with an idea doesn’t have time to deploy it themselves. By letting your engaged team members put up their hand to help deploy a new idea, your ideas will be more likely to launch quickly and successfully.

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Decide what to work on next based on merit or popularity.

Improve your internal rate of success and buy-in by leveraging the knowledge of the employees closest to the customer. With Pondr’s ranking algorithm, you will always know what ideas should be given approval to proceed, by giving more weight to the team members with a proven track record.

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Integrate with Slack to keep your ideas flowing.

Slack doesn’t manage ideas, but a lot of ideas sure happen inside those conversations. So we want it to be easy for you to capture them and notify your team when they happen. All while staying inside Slack.

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Sign up and create a new team.

Teams allow you to store your ideas in one place and collaborate with your colleagues. Tag ideas to group your ideas for easy access.


Invite your team members and customers to submit ideas.

Pondr encourages you to invite everyone, from interns to senior resources. Your best ideas can come from anywhere.

Collaborate via comments, votes and hands up.

Allow your team to engage with ideas. Whether they are voting on an idea or volunteering to help with its implementation, collaboration keeps the ideas flowing.


Decide what to work on next.

You have limited time and resources. Make sure you're focusing on the right ideas. Pondr helps you decide what to work on next in a way that suits your team.

Our features

Idea Collection

Track all your team's ideas in one place and keep your company organized.

Problem Submission

Submit problems and solicit team members to contribute ideas.

Docs & Files

Upload documents to your ideas and make it easy to access.


Comment on ideas and see what other team members have to say.

Tags & Bookmarks

Tag ideas to group them. Bookmark your ideas for quick reference.

External Communities

Create communities for your customers to submit their ideas.


Integrate with your work management systems so you don't have to duplicate.

Pondr Ranking

Our algorithm helps you make the decision about what to work on next.

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