A complete innovation management platform

Pondr is the best way to manage and measure your innovation program.

Turn ideas into innovation using the collective intelligence inside your organization and optimize your innovation process to deliver maximum value from your innovation strategy.
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Turn your ideas into innovation with Pondr.

A proven innovation management platform that includes all the features you need to manage all the stages of your corporate innovation program.

Collect, collaborate and share ideas
Evaluate and prioritize what to focus on next
Develop and refine your workflow as you progress
Analyze your data and measure the results

According to McKinsey & Company, only 6% of executives are satisfied with their innovation performance.

Your team has ideas they want to share. Your organization has challenges they need to solve. Focus your team on continuously improving business processes and discovering innovative new ways to run your business. Pondr will help you deliver measurable results from your innovation program.

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Build a culture of innovation

How it works.

  • 1

    Kathryn requests ideas to improve customer satisfaction by issuing a challenge.

  • 2

    Annika reviews the challenge and submits an idea that she knows will help better meet customer expectations.

  • 3

    The idea receives several votes from team members.

  • 4

    Harry offers to help if this idea is selected to move forward.

  • 5

    Tom adds a link to a supporting news article and includes a case study to support the idea.

  • 6

    Kathryn evaluates the idea and selects it to move forward.

  • 7

    Kathryn tracks the progress of the idea.

  • 8

    Harry completes the idea and improves customer retention by 5%, increasing profits by 25%.

Drive innovation that moves the business forward

Companies drive more innovation with Pondr.

Companies around the world use Pondr to fundamentally improve their innovation programs.
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Peter Qumsieh
Electronic Arts
Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a tool that enables a broader set of individuals within the team to contribute their perspective and expertise into the product roadmap.
Steve Kwan
Broadband TV
Pondr is orders of magnitude more cost-effective than the other tools we evaluated.  They made sure to provide a pricing model that worked for our use case.
Luke Bornheimer
Intel Corporation
Pondr helps teams brainstorm and share ideas that address important problems, allowing everyone to share, discuss, and contribute, which benefits the team and product as a whole.
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