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Turn your ideas into innovation with Pondr.

A proven innovation management platform that includes all the features you need to manage all the stages of your innovation program.
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The most effective way to manage and measure your innovation program.

Pondr turns ideas into innovation. Set business goals, collect ideas and measure the results all in one platform. Let us show you how.
Engage your team

Collect, Collaborate and Share Ideas

Team members that share ideas will have a sense of community and belonging. Your team will be more connected and aligned.

With Pondr you will use the power of crowdsourcing and unlock the collective intelligence in your organization and generate ideas that make an impact.
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  • An intuitive interface that is flexible and easy to use
  • Purpose-built platform for gathering ideas from everyone in one place
  • Flexible idea submission forms
  • Build the business case for innovation using attachments and discussions
  • Eliminate bias in the ideation process with anonymous idea submissions
  • Focus your innovation on real business goals or run campaigns using challenges
  • Incentivize and gamify the innovation process by highlighting top contributors
  • A robust and flexible system for defining your own innovation metrics
  • Score ideas to quickly identify the pros and cons of moving them forward
  • Real-time updates mean you always have the most up to date information
  • Speed up your evaluation using data visualizations
  • Evaluate ideas based on the past performance of their contributors
Find ideas that will have an impact

Evaluate and Prioritize Ideas

Innovation managers will have all the information they need to assess and identify the ideas that should be selected to move forward.

With Pondr, you can define your own metrics and evaluate ideas on your terms.
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Manage the innovation process

Develop and Refine Ideas

Capturing ideas is just the beginning. With Pondr, your innovation manager will be able to define a workflow that works for them and streamline the innovation process so you can start delivering value from your innovation program
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  • Flexible and powerful workflow
  • Every idea has an activity feed that acts as a communication hub for that idea
  • Find the right people to move the idea forward
  • Assign the idea to a team member to establish ownership and accountability
  • Coordinate all the people involved in one place
  • See a complete overview of your innovation program
  • Use actionable analytics to make better decisions
  • Identify bottlenecks in your innovation process
  • Spot trends in your innovation program
  • Archive ideas that aren’t for right now and surface them when you need them
  • Powerful search allows you to always find the ideas you're looking for.
Increase the ROI of your innovation program

Analyze and Measure the Value

Measure the impact of your innovation program using advanced dashboards and analytics. Use the measurements to continuously improve your process and innovate in ways that directly impact the bottom line.

With Pondr, you can visualize and report on the value of your innovation strategy and show its ROI.
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Some of the ways our customers use Pondr.

A well run innovation process can help companies become more efficient and effective, create value for customers and increase revenue. Pondr helps shape and run these processes more efficiently and effectively, as well as manage and measure them resulting in maximum value from your innovation strategy.
Innovation Management

Successful innovation management requires a systematic process to generate and develop new ideas. Pondr will guide you through that process.

Continuous Improvement

Pondr helps you harness the collective intelligence of your employees and will allow you to discover endless opportunities for improvement.

Idea Challenges

Innovation needs to be focused and aligned with your business strategy. With Pondr, your team will generate the ideas that will bring the greatest impact to the organization.

Collaborative Strategy Process

Your employees have valuable insights that could help you develop your strategy. With Pondr, you'll not only improve your strategy, you will also engage your team and motivate them to succeed.

Open Innovation

Open innovation means being open to ideas that come from outside your organization. Pondr can help you harness your full innovation potential and include everyone in the innovation process.

Voice of the Customer

You need to truly understand your customers needs in order to build a strong business and create value for your customers. Pondr helps drive the innovation that matters most to your customers and your business.

Join the world's most disruptive companies that are already innovating with Pondr.

Join the world's most disruptive companies that are already innovating with Pondr.